Flight Club


Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Flight Club.

The first rule of Flight Club is you do talk about Flight Club.

The second rule of Flight Club is you DO talk about Flight Club.

Third rule of Flight Club: someone yells “drink”, you drink.

Save the date!

Sunday – February 11th – 6:00 pm

Three rounds.

Two combatants.

Two wine lovers will face off against each other. They will receive the menu and choose a wine to pair with each of the  three courses.

Diners will chose the winner of each round and best two out of three wins. Prize is bragging rights.




Cost $100/person including tax and tip.

Seating very limited.

Location – Vandal . 4306 Butler St. Pittsburgh Pa 15201 (Lawrenceville)

RSVP – ruth.barsotti@barsottiwines.com


We hope to repeat this event at different venues with the winner taking on a new opponent for the next dinner.

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